Tuesday, November 15, 2022

 A resident of Cream Ridge, New Jersey, Edward Granaghan has taken personal fitness seriously for over 25 years. Whether inside or outside his residence in Cream Ridge, NJ, Edward Granaghan has several interests, including maintaining a certain level of exercise using wearables to monitor his progress.

Fitness wearables continue trending in 2022 and have advanced considerably since the advent of Fitbit. Fitness wearables allow users to track their performance while engaging in sporting or fitness activities. Some experts state that this market will continue to grow. Some expect the market to reach $114.36 billion in 2028.

Devices have evolved to the point of giving users information about their performance and tracking data. Two brands, Oura and the Apple Watch 7.0, perform functions such as monitoring stress levels, stress hormone response, and blood oxygen levels.

Users can use the information generated from the devices to change their routines. Oura takes data from users' sleep patterns and shows them ways to improve their sleep. Moreover, users can use these fitness trackers outside of fitness. Many of their functions work as users complete daily activities.