Monday, March 25, 2019

How Co-Working Spaces Benefit Freelancers

Formerly of American International Group (AIG) and now a Private Company, Edward Granaghan from Cream Ridge NJ, has multinational experience in various finance and accounting functions for global corporations.

Co-working spaces are ideal for freelancers who typically work from home. While innovations in web communication technology have made it easier than ever for freelancers to work with clients from across the US and the world, making in-person connections can be much more difficult. Freelancers may want to consider finding a coworking space due to the following benefits:

Like-minded Professionals - Unlike traditional office setups, coworking spaces give members the opportunity to interact and learn from others in a range of industries. While the expertise may differ, members usually share a belief in the importance of communal space and innovative uses of technology in the workforce. This can open countless opportunities for networking, cross-promotion, and professional development. 

Enhanced Productivity - Working from home can be very distracting, especially if a freelancer doesn’t have a designated office space. Co-working spaces have all of the amenities needed for a productive workday, including reliable internet, private work areas, and office supplies.

Work/Life Balance - It can be challenging for freelancers who work from home to separate their down time from their work time. This can result in overworking or procrastination. A co-working space ensures that the line between work and home doesn’t get blurred.