Thursday, December 8, 2022

DataGryd MegaSuite 6 Helps Clients Accommodate Evolving Data Needs

 A resident of Cream Ridge, NJ, Edward Granaghan is an accomplished individual with almost three decades of operations and systems professional experience. He has worked in various global and national telecom companies. The Cream Ridge, NJ, resident Edward Granaghan has worked as an operational consultant for international telecom companies. More recently, he has focused on the telecom sector and its accomplishments, including DataGryd.

DataGryd, a leading New York City data company in 2019, announced the completion of MegaSuite 6, a high-performance and density data center. It aims to address the rising client demand for data storage and processing services. The MegaSuite 6 suite runs on a reliable and secure infrastructure that comfortably accommodates constantly changing network demands. MegaSuite 6 tenants will enjoy enhanced megawatt configurations, thanks to 5,000 kilowatts of utility power generators as it taps into 72,000 square feet of supporting infrastructure.

Clients can pick from the MegaSuite 6 wholesale and customized packages, such as 100kW, 250kW, 500kW, and 5MW. According to the DataGryd President and CEO, MegaSuite 6, the modern data center will support expanding global network requirements that efficiently operate while reducing client capital and operational expenditures. This effort should start to gain traction over the next few years and add tremendous value to its customers and the telecom industry as a whole.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

 A resident of Cream Ridge, New Jersey, Edward Granaghan has taken personal fitness seriously for over 25 years. Whether inside or outside his residence in Cream Ridge, NJ, Edward Granaghan has several interests, including maintaining a certain level of exercise using wearables to monitor his progress.

Fitness wearables continue trending in 2022 and have advanced considerably since the advent of Fitbit. Fitness wearables allow users to track their performance while engaging in sporting or fitness activities. Some experts state that this market will continue to grow. Some expect the market to reach $114.36 billion in 2028.

Devices have evolved to the point of giving users information about their performance and tracking data. Two brands, Oura and the Apple Watch 7.0, perform functions such as monitoring stress levels, stress hormone response, and blood oxygen levels.

Users can use the information generated from the devices to change their routines. Oura takes data from users' sleep patterns and shows them ways to improve their sleep. Moreover, users can use these fitness trackers outside of fitness. Many of their functions work as users complete daily activities.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Benefits of Strategic Planning

 Edward Granaghan graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where he studied business. He went on to get his MBA from New York University. A resident of Cream Ridge, New Jersey, Edward Granaghan has provided financial consulting services to domestic and international companies in his professional career. This includes expertise in management principles such as process improvements and strategic planning.

Strategic planning is how an organization defines its strategy or direction and decides how to allocate resources to achieve strategic goals. There are several benefits of strategic planning that organizations enjoy. First, a strategic plan assists in creating a sense of purpose and defines the path an organization can go. It also establishes realistic targets and goals that align with the vision and mission mapped out for it.

Because businesses must continually adapt to change, particularly in a digitally-driven environment, strategic planning helps to identify potential disruptions and equip the business to adjust more effectively. It puts into sight industry trends and consumers, which allow businesses to ride the next wave of trends.

Communication between colleagues throughout the process increases employees' perception of effectiveness and importance in the organization's overall success. Lastly, strategic planning helps managers and staff demonstrate dedication to an organization's aims by making organization targets and goals a reality.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Scholarship Program of the Society of Insurance Financial Managers

 A New Jersey financial services leader, Edward Granaghan in Cream Ridge, NJ. to augment his professional activities and industry experience, Edward Granaghan holds active membership in the Society of Insurance Financial Managers (SIFM).

Established as the Society of Insurance Accountants in 1961, SIFM comprises financial and accounting professionals who work in the property and casualty sectors of the insurance and reinsurance industries. The Society of Insurance Financial Managers supports the next generation of financial professionals through its academic scholarships.

Through its board of directors, SIFM awards scholarships to college students who intend to pursue employment in the insurance arena. Specifically, the scholarship program reaches out to students at the St. John’s University School of Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science in New York City and the Maguire Academy of Insurance and Risk Management at the Saint Joseph’s University Haub School of Business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The SIFM board of directors awards scholarships annually with a maximum financial benefit of $2,500 per school. These merit-based scholarships take both academic performance and financial needs into consideration.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Barbershop-Focused Technology Firm

Cream Ridge, NJ resident Edward Granaghan keeps abreast with upcoming companies that use technology to make everyday activities more efficient.. Among the companies that is very impressive in addressing the inconvenience and wait times while getting a haircut is Squires Technology.

Squire's app has made getting an appointment at a local barbershop so easy and convenient, it was able to raise $60 million in July 2021 in its latest round of funding. It increased the firm’s total funds raised to $165 million and tripled company valuation to $750 million. The proceeds are to continue to scale its engineering and sales team. Tiger Global led the round of funding, which included existing investors ICONIQ Capital, Trinity Ventures, and Charles River Ventures. Before the fundraising, the company had already grown, catering to more than 2,000 partners, spanning three continents, in 40 primary markets.

Founded in 2015, Squire offers full-scale barbershop management, including CRM, scheduling, payroll, and more, along with a POS system allowing its clients to scale their business while lessening the time needed for back-office operations. The platform serves stand-alone locations, independent professionals, and multi-location franchises.

Friday, January 21, 2022

DataGryd Completes Construction of DataSuite 6

With experience helping companies to be more efficient and streamline their business processes, Edward Granaghan is a Cream Ridge, NJ, finance operations professional with many years of experience. With an interest in high growth technology companies, Edward Granaghan follows the progress made by DataGryd. In July 2019, DataGryd completed construction of DataSuite 6, the largest data storage facility in New York, NY.

Located in Manhattan, DataSuite 6 is a facility with 72,000-square-feet of space. A company can rent use of a suite in the facility and request a particular size for data storage. For maintaining operation uptime, the data storage hardware is powered by separate generators, cooled by cooling towers, and receives power directly from the local utility company. In this way, even if power is lost to DataSuite 6, companies can still access their data stored at the facility.

DataSuite 6 can support up to 5 megawatts of power per suite. DataGryd offers suites to prospective renters with at least 100 kilowatts of power, while ensuring energy efficiency and a simple setup procedure.